“Thanks for calling the League, how may I assist you?” This question, and its many variations, seem to echo from every office as LWV staff members work together to ensure that citizens across the country are able to exercise their right to vote today. The last few weeks have been especially busy around here, and as I take a moment to reflect on my recent interactions I can’t help but feel sincerely grateful for this experience. Whether it’s registering high school voters, supporting our state and local Leagues with trainings, expanding Democracy in other countries, or even working through hurricanes to keep VOTE411.org updated, League volunteers and staff members remain committed to giving a voice to all Americans on Election Day.

I’ve been lucky enough to witness this commitment first hand, so today I want to say a quick ‘thank you’ to the entire LWV community, all of our state and local leagues, and our many supporters for reigniting my love of voting this election season.

I’ve found my voice. Please don’t forget to make sure yours is heard by visiting www.VOTE411.org to find your local polling place and candidate information before casting your ballot today!