• Who knew that in the final days before the election the media would suddenly think about something other than the horse race? It has been a whirlwind of phone calls and even an interview on CNN this week. Great for the League and the voters but a little tough for the blog.

  • The St. Louis League has been conducting congressional forums with great success this election season. Several have drawn large crowds, including some who arrive with an agenda. This appears to be an issue around the country, although the League formula works the best to control rowdy attendees.

  • As in every other state that I have visited this fall, the issues are largely the same- encouraging voters to turn out despite the constant barrage of negative ads paid for by well-heeled, often secret donors. And then there are the ballot issues with serious consequences for the state. In Kansas City (Kan City, I heard one hip, young person call it tonight) it is a proposition to repeal the E tax which taxes workers who earn money in one city but live somewhere else.

  • I can safely say that Florida has come a long way since 2000. I have spoken to elections officials in two critical counties, Palm Beach and Broward and I am very impressed with the professionalism of both these officials. Better still, my confidence is vastly increased because these officials are working closely with League leaders in their areas.

  • As we head into the final two weeks before Election Day, I’m happy to share this first-hand account from a young Houston League volunteer who is doing his part to bring more young people into the electoral process through our 2010 High School Registration Project, now wrapping up in five states.  Want to help young people take charge of their democra

  • On the road again toward election 2010.

  • One of the many benefits to traveling during election season is being spared the barrage of attack ads on the nation's airwaves. But there is no avoiding reading about the partisan charges and counter charges about who is spending how much money on these ads and where the money is coming from.  The DISCLOSE Act and Citizens United have been major topics on the road.