• January 1, 2013 is the deadline for our financial future. At that time, taxes will go up for every American and steep cuts to government programs will happen across the board.  This is the so-called "fiscal cliff" that needs to be avoided.  While avoiding the "cliff" is important, it is much more important to use this opportunity to set our nation on a new fiscal path that ensures a brighter future for ALL Americans, not just a few. 

  • Only a few short weeks have passed since Election Day, but it already feels like a lifetime ago. No longer are voters in swing states subjected to nonstop political ads, and the evening news is once again covering a host of national and international issues instead of just wall-to-wall coverage of the presidential campaign. But, Election Day was as much a starting line as it was an end point. Now is the time to reflect back on the 2012 election and look toward what’s to come in 2013.

  • People are dying because of climate change.  Hurricane Sandy is just one of the killer storms made more severe and more frequent by a warming planet.  Deadly heat waves, droughts and floods are also on their way.  And climate change caused by carbon pollution is increasing the formation of lung damaging and asthma-attack inducing smog, which is particularly dangerous for kids and seniors. 

  • After nine months of work in preparation for the G8 BMENA Initiative's 9th Forum for the Future,

  • With Thanksgiving just a week away and the movie “Lincoln” opening in theaters tomorrow, we might do well to remember that the first Thanksgiving was proclaimed by Abraham Lincoln at a time when our country was embroiled in civil war over whether all Americans were really created equal.

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    As I went about my day on Election Day volunteering to be a polling place evaluator for my local League (a program instituted by the Board of Elections done in partnership with the League to make sure voters have what they need, poll workers and election judges have what they need and systems are working well on election day) – I thought about the millions of unsung hero’s without whom our democracy would grind to a halt.

  • Please Note: This blog post was written by our intern, Vegard Tveito

    This Election Day I was fortunate enough to be in Washington D.C, with a front seat to the unfolding of an American presidential election. I am a Norwegian student who is taking a semester abroad to study American politics, and I clearly could not have picked a better time to be here.

  • Another election season has come to an end and I want to give a huge round of applause to all of you – voters, League Leaders, poll workers, poll watchers!  Many of you worked tirelessly registering voters at thousands of registration events, providing millions of voters with the information they needed through printed materials, online resources, hosting candidate debates and forums, encouraging your friends and family to vote, and engaging your community in other ways.