• I remember playing during recess - we divided into two teams – I was, on the team representing George McGovern and Jerry’s team represented Richard Nixon – it was a game of “war” and to be honest I don’t really remember who ended up winning the game but I certainly remember who won the election.  

  • Exactly one week before Election Day 2012, I cast my ballot at recreation center near my home. I got my sticker which says "I am proud to be a Georgia Voter." That has always been true ever since I cast my first Georgia vote at a firehouse near Emory University.

  • Election Day is next Tuesday, November 6th.  With just a few days between now and then it’s time to start making plans for the big day. We hope you’re already planning to vote on November 6th, but do you know where to go to cast your ballot?

    Go to VOTE411.org, enter your address, and find your polling place.