Oregon law now allows 17-year-olds to register and receive ballots for the first election on or after their 18th birthdays. And, thanks to the Marion and Polk Counties (OR) League of Women Voters, three hundred and twenty-nine (329) teenagers will be able to vote this year!

In April, the Marion and Polk Counties League of Women Voters embarked on a new project – registering high school students to vote. Nineteen League volunteers visited six high schools during lunch periods on two consecutive days each. They answered questions and registered those 329 students! With this success, the League definitely intends to continue this project for future election cycles. Voter Service Chair Petra S. Berger envisioned and organized this League Power the Vote action. Read about other current activities on the League’s website. And, learn interesting tidbits about the League’s activism over the years in the recently published “League of Women Voters an Active Part of Salem.”