Celebrating Our Mothers and Powering the Vote!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day to reflect upon the important role that mothers play in our lives and the values that they teach us. This Mother’s Day, the League of Women Voters is celebrating the crucial ways in which women and mothers help empower millions to participate in our democracy.

The League was founded in 1920 upon the basis that every voice matters in our democracy, and that women deserve equal access to the ballot box. The commitment and dedication of the League’s founding mothers forever altered American history, helping pave the way for increased access to the vote for all Americans – women and men, young and old, rich and poor alike.

Nearly 100 years after the League was formed, mothers continue to play an essential role in our political system, including by teaching their loved ones about the importance of voting and helping to raise engaged and active citizens.  

Today, American women consistently vote at higher rates than men. In fact, more women than men have made it to the polls in every presidential election since 1964!

This Mother’s Day, the League recognizes not only the power of women’s voices at the ballot box, but also the power of women to inspire those around them – including their children, friends and families – to vote.

Committed to fostering an informed public, the League volunteers across the country—many of them mothers – are working to organize and educate others on the importance of elections and the central issues facing our communities. Across the country, women are often at the forefront of speaking out against discriminatory voter ID laws, organizing rallies to protect voting rights and registering new voters in efforts to ensure that all voters can participate in our democracy.

Voting is the key to having all voices heard, and mothers are helping lead the way. Together with the mothers across this nation, we’re Making Democracy Work®.