As my children were growing up, I often found myself trying to juggle voting on Election Day with taking care of their needs. In those days few, if any, states allowed early voting and voting absentee had strict guidelines. And, for me, childcare was not an option.

My solution? Of course, take them along into the voting booth! Besides, I thought, this would be an educational experience for them that I missed out on. When I was growing up, my parents were not allowed to become citizens, so they couldn’t vote. By the time they became citizens, I was just about old enough to vote myself.

I’m not sure my children remember going to vote with me and my explanations of what it all meant, but I do know that today they value their right to vote and all it means. I’m proud that they have voted ever since they came of age. Perhaps, somewhere deep in their psyches, the lesson took root.

If you have children, take them with you when you go to vote. Talk with them about this important election and how very special and unique our system of government is. Share with them this vital right that serves them and our democracy for the rest of their lives.