Today’s announcement from President Obama that his administration will seek common sense solutions to the gun violence that plagues our nation is truly good news for all Americans. The announcement comes in the wake of yesterday’s school shootings in St. Louis, MO and Kentucky, which mark the third and fourth school shootings in the past five weeks.  Last week, the League sent Vice President Biden, who led a panel looking at gun violence, a letter urging him to propose methods to help stem the tide of senseless gun violence in this country.  The White House proposal includes many of the provisions that the League of Women Voters supports.

The League of Women Voters of the United States has a long-standing position in support of gun control.  Since 1990, we have lobbied in support of banning assault weapons, requiring all dealers to run criminal background checks at gun shows, and opposing laws that grant special protection for the gun industry.

Now that we have a plan for tackling this critical national issue, it is up to our elected leaders to keep these reforms moving forward quickly and not get bogged down in the wrangling so familiar to Washington, DC.

Gun control is a matter of public safety and public health. It is long past time for vital measures to stop the carnage.  We need action that will ban assault weapons, place limits on magazine size, close the gun show loophole and mandate annual reporting on gun violence in America. 

On behalf of our members and supporters from across this country, we urge Washington to help put a stop to this violence.