This blog post was written by Carol Reimers who is a former National Board member and currently the Dean of the Ruth S. Shur Fellows and a local League leader in Connecticut.

It has been a truly stimulating summer of trainings!  Our last training of the nine newest participating states in the Membership and Leadership Development program (MLD) just wrapped up in Oregon. The MLD program is now at an exciting point, with 41 states and the District of Columbia participating. In another year the program will be in all 50 states with over 150 national and state coaches and hundreds of local Leagues actively involved in strengthening a vibrant dynamic League of Women Voters to help protect and enhance our democracy.

It is my pleasure and honor to work with other League leaders on the Membership and Leadership Development program since its inception. The program continues to expand what it offers in order to strengthen League capacity - from the initial focus on recruiting new members now to leadership development and in the future to add a focus on advocacy and fundraising for those new (and ongoing) leaders.

As one of our state coaches, Gail Pebworth, said recently, “the time is ripe for the League.” We have so much to offer our communities by promoting good government practices and informing citizens in our unique nonpartisan way. We are already seeing success in so many Leagues who have made the goals of the MLD program their own!

As volunteers, we not only share our ardor for what the League can do, we also share the desire to generate the same enthusiasm among our fellow citizens. Our communities can only get better as the League gets stronger. We care about our local community and the greater community of our nation. This zeal is what has sustained our organization since its birth. It is this fervor that makes people want to be a part of constructing communities where people, no matter their political beliefs, work together with respect and friendship in the formation of a more vibrant society.