BMENA Diplomatic Briefing

The official briefing to the diplomatic corps about the objectives of the BMENA NGO Initiative took place on Wednesday, May 30th at the George C. Marshall Center of the U.S. Department of State.

I represented the League of Women Voters as we met with a high ranking official from the State Department and the Ambassador from Tunisia. Eighteen countries were represented including The Russian Federation, France, Lebanon, Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco.

Based on informal discussions with the NGOs who have been involved with BMENA in the past, the following overarching objectives have been outlined for the 2012 BMENA process:

  • Making progress on key prior civil society recommendations rather than using the regional workshops to identify new recommendations;
  • Creating more meaningful civil society-government interactions at the regional workshops, national dialogues, and the Forum for the Future; and
  • Seeking more specific reform commitments in the Forum declaration and/or related documents.