Every distinguished speaker who addressed the League’s 2012 Convention applauded the League of Women Voters for its devotion to political education and its faith that knowledge becomes power in the hands of voters. The League was urged to finish the fight to protect and empower voters.

This week, in Federal court, the League and its allies are working to finish the fight to protect Texas voters from an unnecessary and restrictive voter ID law. Over the next week, we also have the opportunity to flex our grassroots muscle in the U.S. Senate by demanding that our Senators vote for cloture on the DISCLOSE Act and debate the merits of giving voters the information they need in this election year to make up their own minds about the candidates and issues. The DISCLOSE Act is an important step towards eliminating secret money.

The League's founders understood that partisan pursuit of political power was antithetical to full and fair discussion of the interests of the broader public. The League has never supported or opposed candidates or parties because the broader public needs somewhere to go to get all the facts.

In this election year, the League is making a difference with every action alert, with every court appearance and with every voter service effort. Work with us to finish the fight to keep power in the hands of voters. Tell your Senators to end the political games and bring the DISCLOSE Act up for full debate. Together, we can make democracy safe for the nation!