I was pleased to speak with community college leaders from across the country today to share best practices, offer League resources and discuss voter registration plans. Our conversation was made possible through the League’s partnership with The Democracy Commitment, a project of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities geared toward providing resources and support to community colleges seeking to engage students in voting and civic life.   

These leaders’ enthusiasm is energizing and exciting—and this partnership is a natural fit for the League, whose volunteer teams are working straight through the waning days of summer to plan effective voter registration campaigns this fall.

Even as the parties and presidential campaigns gear up for their Conventions in the coming weeks, these school leaders are taking time out of their summer vacations to make sure they reach every single student they can this year. Their work couldn’t be more needed: we know that half of 18 year olds were not registered, and thus could not vote, in 2008.  This is our  chance to reverse that trend.

While much of the media coverage is focused on the race between the candidates, analysis by CIRCLE shows that the issues, and not candidates’ individual likeability, matters much more to young voters. We’re excited to be working with a range of partners to make sure young voters have a space to discuss the issues that matter most to them before they cast a ballot in November.  

Who are you talking to about the election? Can you think of five friends who may not already be registered? Get informed and spread the word! One easy way is to tell your friends and family that they can find all the info they need at www.VOTE411.org.