The first regional workshop, one in a series of meetings to be organized on the road to the 9th Forum for the Future, begins in Doha, Qatar on July 10.

The League’s team has been doing a lot of preparatory work, including numerous high level meetings with different players within the US Department of State, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Nazanin Ash in particular; with our Tunisian counterparts, ARFHORGHE,  here in Washington; and with other players including the Tunisian Ambassador and the Chief of Mission from the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia.  

The League team will travel to Tunisia on July 5, landing in Doha on July 6. The workshop will begin with an opening reception on the eve of July 10, where the League and ARFORGHE will officially welcome members of civil society organizations from 18 countries in the broader Middle East and North Africa Region.

The official opening will take place in the morning of July 11 with the participation of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, US Chargé d'affaires Mirembe Nantongo and Alina Romanowski, deputy assistant administrator in the Middle East Bureau of the US Department of State.

Over the course of the afternoon, the League and ARFORGHE will lead sessions to facilitate an open dialogue between civil society and their government on political, economic and social issues. The final segment of the workshop will be lead by a representative from the United Kingdom, who will be next year's co-chair of the 10th Forum for the Future.