In recent days, I have been fortunate to witness first-hand how the League of Women Voters is contributing to democracy around the world.  First, is watching the many, many League volunteers around the country work tirelessly to get voters the help and information they need for the November 6 election.  League members everywhere have been registering voters, holding candidate forums, issuing voter guides, and working with election officials and partner organizations to get voters the help they need. At the same time, the national League has been working non-stop to keep our election website,,  up-to-date with all the election laws and polling place locations in every state – so that voters have what they need on Election Day. 

In addition to all this, the League has been working on a global scale.  We are serving as the civil society partner of the US Department of State in facilitating dialogue among the countries of the Broader Middle East and North Africa (the BMENA countries) and their civil society organizations to work towards open and inclusive societies. Today, I felt pride and hope as I sat in the State Department conference center and listened to government representatives from those countries commit to women’s political and economic empowerment, freedom of expression and association, and improved economic governance and entrepreneurship.