2013 Shur Fellow Training

LWVUS is gearing up to train the newest class of Ruth S. Shur Fellows. These new Fellows, also known as national coaches, have been selected through a detailed application process to be at the forefront of the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program, funded by the Fund for Local League Growth.The new class of coaches will be joined by our current coaches to participate in this year’s training session.

Held at a conference center outside of Baltimore, the training spans three days and the 26 coaches will participate in workshops on technology essentials, coaching methods, best practices to strengthen the League. The coaches will participate in a full schedule, networking and hopefully having some fun too. This training will prepare the coaches to go into the states and aid local Leagues in their pursuit of growing and strengthening the League, thereby building our capacity to champion our issues.

After this training, each national coach will mentor two states on how best to amplify their Leagues’ work for maximum impact in their communities. The national coaches will mentor state leaders and work to create a stronger connection between the national, state and local Leagues.

The MLD program has been going strong for five years. This year, the League welcomes three new national coaches to the 2014-16 class: Therese Hansen from Washington, Amy Hjerstedt from Michigan, and Amanda Patanow from Florida. The League is excited to welcome these League leaders to this elite coaching team.

Check back soon to hear how the training went.