Over the past two years and more, Leagues across the country have tirelessly and courageously stood up for voters in their state legislatures and in the courts. As a result, in many states, this organized assault on voting rights has been stopped or stalled. In fact, the Wisconsin League won another victory this week. Also this past week, the Minnesota League has been in the spotlight, arguing in the Minnesota State Supreme Court that a ballot measure to imbed voter photo ID in their constitution is itself unconstitutional.

On another front, grassroots efforts failed to persuade the U.S. Senate to engage in open and honest debate of the DISCLOSE Act. As a result, voters will continue to be deluged with campaign advertising funded with secret money by a handful of wealthy special interests.

While the media argues that this election is about the role of government in our lives, we know that this election is also about the role of voters in our democracy. Does power lie with individual voters or in the deep pockets of special interests? The success of our democracy depends on many individual voters doing small things faithfully – registering to vote and casting ballots on Election Day. The power of those votes represents the best defense against the special interests that are seeking to buy our elected officials.

Our voice is needed now more than ever and together we can Power the Vote to power our democracy.