Editorial Note: This blog post was originally published on my Huffington Post blog

While the candidates continue to hammer the campaign trail, I’ve reached the end of my election season travel. It has been remarkable in so many ways. Unlike the candidates, my mission was not to get individual votes, but to encourage all eligible voters to cast a vote, and make sure they are well-prepared and can do so freely and fairly. That’s why the League of Women Voters developed its comprehensive election website, www.VOTE411.org. It’s vitally important that every eligible voter turns out to vote in this election and takes control of what happens to our families and communities. The stakes are high for our country.

During the past six weeks, I visited eight states and saw firsthand how Leagues are protecting voters’ rights and educating voters. As attacks on voting rights proliferated, Leagues across the country have been working to prevent voter disenfranchisement and confusion. Together, with partner organizations, we’ve secured many victories for voting rights all across the country.

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