If you missed it late on Friday, watch national League President Elisabeth MacNamara discuss the recent victory for voters' rights in Florida and the fight to protect all eligible voters on MSNBC's Politics Nation.  On Thursday, a judge struck down part of Florida's new election law, which had threatened to institute, "a harsh and impractical" requirement for independent groups such as the League of Women of Florida that register voters in the Sunshine state.

"The League is extremely pleased that we're going to have an opportunity to do what we've been doing for the last 90 years all across the country, making sure that every eligible voter has an equal opportunity to vote. The League is not doing this obviously just in Florida. We have been seeing this all over the country and the League has been active all over the country, opposing these laws and making sure that we are not rolling back voting rights that we have worked so hard for over the last 50 years," said MacNamara.

The judge ordered an injunction against that portion of Florida's law that requires independent voter registration groups to turn in registration forms within 48 hours or face potenially steep fines or penalties. The judicial decision also blocked the part of the law that requires these groups to submit the identification of its workers or employees signing people up to vote or handing out voter information pamphlets.  The decision comes after months of advocacy and legal efforts undertaken by the League and its partners, who had argued the law would prohibit them from being able to carry out their work on behalf of voters.


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