As voters across the country prepare to head to the polls tomorrow, we at the League of Women Voters are doing everything we can to make sure everyone has the information they need to successfully cast a vote.

I’m excited to represent the League on Election Day at the National Command Center of the Election Protection Coalition, which had deployed volunteers, legal experts, and observers across the country to help voters overcome any confusion or challenges that arise on Election Day.

At the command center I will be overseeing volunteers working in 4-5 states and will be responsible for identifying trends, overseeing volunteers in DC and coordinating efforts between state-based volunteers, those in DC, and Election Officials when needed. I look forward to doing the work and sharing my experience from a national perspective. 

If you or someone you know is having a problem voting or having their vote count on Election Day have them visit or call 1-866-OUR-VOTE for assistance.

Voters this Election Day face new challenges and confusion over voting practices due to the number of voter suppression bills debated, passed, and challenged in the last two years. The League of Women Voters has been active in fighting back against these tactics in the legislatures and in the courts, and we have succeeded in many places. Now, League volunteers are focused on making sure every single voter has up-to-date information and the chance to participate on Election Day. League volunteers are serving as poll workers, observing operations at the polls, getting the word out to voters in their communities about where, when and how to vote, and preparing to respond to any widespread issues that could arise.

Our democratic system of government is held up as a beacon of hope around the world. The best way to honor that is for us all to take advantage of our right to vote and participating on November 6th. Go to to get all the information you need to vote including up to date information on voting in your state (including special alerts for those recovering from Hurricane Sandy), where to vote and who is on your ballot. Election Day is the one day when we all have an equal say. Grasp the power of the vote on November 6th!