Exactly one week before Election Day 2012, I cast my ballot at recreation center near my home. I got my sticker which says "I am proud to be a Georgia Voter." That has always been true ever since I cast my first Georgia vote at a firehouse near Emory University.

I was proud to be a Georgia Voter when Georgia was the first state to fully implement Motor Voter and when Georgia was among the first states to fully implement Help America Vote Act. I was proud to be a Georgia Voter when the Georgia League delayed the implementation of one of the first restrictive voter photo ID laws. Since 2007, I have been a Georgia Voter who showed one of seven government issued photo ID's in order to vote. In 2008, I stood in line for over 2 hours to vote no-excuse, in-person absentee at my registrar's office nearly a month before Election Day. This year I was proud to be a Georgia Voter when I became one of 1.3 million Georgians who voted early despite severe cutbacks to early voting periods.

Politicians who are trying to manipulate election laws for their own benefit, take note: early voting is not only extremely popular, but also good for democracy.