Sign the Petition

How can you fight back against the big money pouring into the political campaigns this year? Sign the petition on The White House website* urging President Obama to appoint new commissioners to the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The FEC is supposed to be the government agency that enforces campaign finance laws, but it isn’t working and hasn’t for a long time. Of the six commissioners at the agency, three of them simply refuse to enforce the law, and five of the six are serving despite the fact that their terms expired some time ago.  It is time to clean house and President Obama is the one that needs to do something about it.

Click here to urge President Obama to clean house at the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  We need at least 25,000 signatures of support by February 10, 2012 in order to get a response from The White House.

Don’t just sign it yourself; post the petition on Facebook, Tweet about it and forward this note to all of your friends.

* In order to successfully sign the petition, you will need to create an account on and respond to a confirmation email. If you need guidance on creating this account please use our helpful step-by-step guide to creating your account and signing the petition.