It was a quick trip to Florida, but an important one – I was there for the last two days of voter registration in the state. A court decision rejecting efforts by politicians to limit organizations like the League from registering voters unleashed a flurry of activity over the summer. Due to the strict new voter registration rules, the Leagues in Florida did not hold voter registration drive, therefore there was a lot of ground to make up when they began registering again. League members around the state registered thousands of new voters and helped others update their registration.

Upon my arrival, I spent some time at Valencia Community College with some truly dedicated League volunteers who were conducting one of many registration drives in the final 48 hours before the deadline. Volunteers across the state were hard at work up to the very last minute making sure that every eligible citizen has a fair and equal opportunity to register and vote in this important election.

In addition to their rapid cycle of voter registration, the League of Women Voters of Florida is working overtime to educate and advocate keeping eleven ballot issues from becoming part of Florida's constitution. Those measures include proposals to blur the line between church and state, encroach on a woman’s right to choose, and a so-called tax payers bill of rights (TABOR).

Florida is a long state and after a scenic drive down the center of the state from Orlando to Palm Beach, I had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion at a breakfast meeting for the West Palm Beach chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. The event was well attended and these dedicated community leaders demonstrated their commitment to civic engagement, discussing voting rights, reproductive rights, immigration and health care.

Now I’m off to Wisconsin – check back soon for another update!