Tell the FEC to shine a light on secret money

2014 was the most expensive midterm election ever. Ever

That was fueled by the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, which unleashed secret contributions and unlimited spending by special interest groups seeking to buy our elected officials and distort our elections. But, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has authority under existing law to put a stop to these abuses.

Please send comments to the FEC right now to tell them to stop the secret money that is polluting our elections!

Super PACs raised and spent more than $600 million dollars in 2014 to elect candidates who will do their bidding and defeat those who might resist. Super PACs and other outside groups can raise and spend unlimited amounts because they are supposedly “independent” from the candidates. Yet, in reality, there are many ways to coordinate that are not blocked by the FEC’s weak regulations.  

The FEC can do something to stop the Super PACs from coordinating with candidates, which would put a lid on much of the outside spending from special interests. Tell the FEC to stop the coordinated spending that is poisoning our elections!