While politicians debate the sources of climate change, for women in the developing world, it doesn’t much matter whether the droughts and food price spikes they endure are manmade or not, the result is the same, poverty and hunger.  Today is International Women Day and a good day to remember that we are all sisters on the planet.

By and large, women in the developed world know where their next meal is coming from. There is infrastructure to support a sophisticated agricultural industry and women have the rights and the access to engage in enterprise, including local small holder farming. That is not true in other parts of the world, and yet, women still bear the responsibility of feeding their families. Global hunger seems like an intractable problem, but little by little with the help of the United States and other global partners, women are getting the support they need to become engines of local economies. We can all help. We can be aware of what we eat, how much we waste and we can use each mealtime as a way to make a statement. In America, women, overwhelmingly, still decide what their families have for dinner. On this International Women’s Day, let us resolve to use the power to make that decision wisely!