We’ve been working towards Election Day for months if not years and it is finally here.

Today, our volunteers across the country have been assisting voters in a range of ways from holding phone banks to sharing breaking elections information on social media to monitoring the polls. Here in Washington, DC we’re working with the Election Protection Coalition to monitor the elections in key states and helping answer voters’ questions.

Voters, too, have shown a real dedication to the democratic process by waiting in long lines, voting early, and doing what it takes to make sure their voices are heard. And now as we near the time when polls start to close and we all tune in to watch the results roll in it is important to remember to be patient.

LWVUS President MacNamara said in a statement:

If it takes time to count all the eligible ballots, this doesn’t signify a failure of the elections process. It is democracy in action.  This is our democracy, the best in the world.  We want an accurate count, not a fast count.

We all want to know the results; we’ve been living and breathing this election cycle, but what is most important is making sure that all the votes are counted.