• The League and government watchdog organizations today asked presidential candidates and President Barack Obama, to reveal more details about fundraisers for their presidential campaigns who "bundle" contributions in amounts greatly exceeding what they're permitted to contribute on their own.  The request for more transparency comes during Sunshine Week and an election during which the candidates, party committees and outside groups are expected to spend more than ever before. Read the full release and letters here.

  • Today, a Dane County Circuit Court Judge found the Wisconsin voter ID law unconstitutional. The case, brought by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, is a big win for all Wisconsin voters. “Voting is not like cashing a check or getting on an airplane. Those activities are not protected by the constitution. Voting is one way in which all citizens are equal, and that is worth fighting for," Melanie Ramey, state president. Read the full statement here.

  • While politicians debate the sources of climate change, for women in the developing world, it doesn’t much matter whether the droughts and food price spikes they endure are manmade or not, the result is the same, poverty and hunger.  Today is International Women Day and a good day to remember that we are all sisters on the planet.

  • On this International Women's Day, we are proud to announce that the League has been chosen to partner with the U.S. Government as its 2012 Broader Middle East and North Africa (BMENA) Initiative NGO partner. "The League is proud to serve as the civil society partner alongside the U.S. and Tunisian governments and the NGO partner in Tunisia to contribute our experience to the themes and agendas that will be discussed in these important meetings," said Elisabeth MacNamara. Read more about this exciting work here.

  • As you know, 10 states hold their presidential primary or caucus elections tomorrow. And the League wants you, and your friends and family, to have the information you need when you go to the polls.

    The League has you covered: visit www.VOTE411.org, the nation’s premier online election resource. 

  • The League is pleased that the Blunt Amendment was defeated earlier today by a vote of 51-48.  This amendment was about discrimination based on sex and nothing else.  The League is disappointed that so many Senators failed to support preventative health care for women.  Congress should not be playing politics with a woman's access to contraception.  We remain concerned that ill-defined "religious and moral" objections will continue to be proposed as a means of discriminating against women.


  • A new article came out yesterday in Ms. Magazine and a few other publications, called Blocking the Vote. The piece, like other recent news stories, details what the League and other voting rights groups have been ringing the alarm bells on for several years - a new wave of voter suppression laws passing state legislatures at an alarming rate.  League President MacNamara's quote sums it up nicely, "The fact that this is being touted as a way of making the [election] system more secure....is just a false argument."

  • In previous years, Amanda Wolf of Sumter, SC, voted using her Florida student photo ID. But the new South Carolina voter ID law changed that. Amanda had to wait more than 6 months to get the proper papers to qualify for a photo ID. Luckily, she received free help from a retired judge since attorneys can charge $1800.