• I can safely say that Florida has come a long way since 2000. I have spoken to elections officials in two critical counties, Palm Beach and Broward and I am very impressed with the professionalism of both these officials. Better still, my confidence is vastly increased because these officials are working closely with League leaders in their areas.

  • As we head into the final two weeks before Election Day, I’m happy to share this first-hand account from a young Houston League volunteer who is doing his part to bring more young people into the electoral process through our 2010 High School Registration Project, now wrapping up in five states.  Want to help young people take charge of their democra

  • On the road again toward election 2010.

  • One of the many benefits to traveling during election season is being spared the barrage of attack ads on the nation's airwaves. But there is no avoiding reading about the partisan charges and counter charges about who is spending how much money on these ads and where the money is coming from.  The DISCLOSE Act and Citizens United have been major topics on the road.

  • On Friday, the League of Women Voters of South Carolina launched an ambitious project to increase diversity in the South Carolina courts. Between a keynote address calling for judicial independence and accountability and an important reminder that achieving independence, accountability and diversity will take time and effort from Bert Brandenburg of Justice At Stake, three diverse panels of legislators and academics discussed the issues facing the justice system in South Carolina.

  • The Charleston League has been actively registering high school students this election season and even working with middle schools to introduce the concept of citizen participation.
  • The day I spent in the Cleveland area this week was action packed with a live radio talk show, an editorial board meeting and a great meeting with Cuyahoga county election officials. Then it was on to Columbus where I had a front row seat for the taping of a debate between two candidates for Ohio's supreme court. It was a real pleasure to see that both candidates are women. The taping was at the public television studios on the campus of Ohio State.

  • It's early in the morning in Cleveland, Ohio. Lake Erie, the Browns stadium and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are just a few blocks away. At dinner last night League members in the Cleveland area shared their hall of fame activities. Cuyahoga County government has been beset with ethics issues rising to the level of criminal prosecutions. The League, however, has risen above the fray and worked, successfully, to recreate a new county government structure.