• What a great day in Dallas! We started at KERA, public radio in Dallas talking about voter turnout and redistricting. Then it was on to Arlington, TX to a public hearing before a Texas House commission on redistricting. My testimony on behalf of the League provoked many statements and challenges, including from a representative who wanted the League to criticize the Voting Rights Act!

  • "Houston, we've got a problem!" How many times have I used this phrase in various contexts? Houston brings to mind the space program, hurricanes, the oil and gas industry. But Houston is also a city of neighborhoods and museums. As in many major cities, the downtown is being rejuvenated.

  • It's a far cry, weather-wise from the Arizona desert to the Texas coast! Houston was warm and cloudy when I arrived, but the League was still sizzling. At the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, voters had an opportunity to meet and greet candidates for local office. This was a candidate forum Texas style! Harris County voters will confront the longest ballot in the country this fall. Just counting the judges, there are 70 races.

  • As soon as I got off the plane in Phoenix I knew I was overdressed for the 107 degree heat. Despite the heat, it was cool sitting down with the second in command of the state Department of Economic Services to discuss complying with National Voter Registration Act. Not only did I learn a great deal not just about the steps she is taking but also about the stress the economy is putting on state government in Arizona. The best advice coming out of the meeting? Lose the suit and the jacket.