Thank you for all your hard work during the election season! Due to your efforts, many local Leagues have utilized this high visibility time to recruit new members. Let us know what worked well for you!

There are some local Leagues, (probably not yours) that unintentionally have "barriers" make their League seem unwelcoming. See how you rate!

Here is a quiz I found in my files. It may be an "aha" moment for you. It will only take a moment or two.


__1. Most League meetings are held in private homes.
__2. Do you agree, it is solely the membership chair's responsibility to invite people to come, to make them feel welcome, to help them get involved with LWV work and not your responsibility?
__3. All meetings are held during the day.
__4. Your bulletin carries just local League information because state and national LWV information is in the state Voter and the National Voter.
__5. Name tags are used only on special occasions.
__6. If other groups ask for assistance on an item that is not part of your program, you wish them well, but explain you cannot participate.
__7. One is invited to join LWV primarily by "word of mouth," rather than by newspaper, radio and other means.
__8. A committee member must be a member of the League.
__9. League "lingo," abbreviations, and first names only are widely used in oral presentations and written materials.
__10. Any member who does not attend meetings is considered "inactive."
__11. Prospect lists are made up primarily of friends of current LWV members.
__12. Active political party members or "controversial" persons are not actively sought for membership because they may hurt your nonpartisan image or seek to use the LWV for their own purposes.
__13. You save money by buying most publications just for committee members; they can share what they have learned through presentations at meetings.
__14. Minority persons or "blue collar" types are not usually approached for membership in your League.
__15. You consider many persons in your community too conservative to enjoy League participation.
__16. It is pushy to ask someone to join the League and add, "I can take your check now and get it to our membership chair if that is convenient for you."
__17. Meetings are not scheduled to discuss possible program choices for national, state and local program because members find them too boring.
__18. You are hesitant to include community groups in the early stages of a project because they do not do the thorough, objective job the League does.
__19. Being interested and active in only one area of LWV (such as housing) is discouraged because members should have a wider perspective and interest in LWV program.
__20. You schedule program planning meetings telling members they must attend them if they wish to register their choices.
__21. Only board members are encouraged to attend state and regional meetings.
__22. Board members often complain about their workload.
__23. Men are given special treatment because they have special needs, for instance, most are too busy with their jobs to have time to serve on committees.
__24. You choose non-controversial local items so as not to upset your financial contributors.
__25. If a member is not going to be active in a given year, he or she is encouraged not to join. but to give a financial contribution instead.
__26. It is difficult for new people to find the membership chair's or the president's phone number.
__27. Baby sitting and transportation often prevents some members from participating.
__28. There are current members who feel locked out because they cannot attend all meetings or serve on the board.

Give yourself four points for each "NO" answer.