Over the years, I have visited Leagues that make you want to join, and Leagues that make you want to head for the nearest exit. Of course, these Leagues change all the time, and it will depend upon their leaders which kind they are. With all of the responsibilities League leaders have, and I might add do so well, there is one that is lacking from many. Can you guess what this is?...

So few really know how to identify and train potential leaders and foster a team!
Why should you spend time on developing leaders?


  • Potential leaders help carry the load.
  • Leaders attract potential leaders ( Most leaders have similar qualities).
  • Leaders who mentor potential leaders multiply their effectiveness. ( Leader Mathis not 2+2+2+2=8 but 2x2x2x2=16).
  • Developed leaders expand and enhance the future of our League

...Success without a successor is failure.
What do you have to do to develop other leaders?

  • Identify potential leaders.
  • Encourage potential leaders, developing a climate for growth.
  • Leadership can only function on the basis of TRUST. When you believe in people, you motivate them.
  • People need to be trained and developed primarily in their areas of strength. Make sure delegated tasks are relevant!
  • Give them the tools they need and continually follow-up.
  • Make heroes of other people.

Teams of leaders communicate with each other!