I heard this quote this past weekend and thought it was terrific! You can make it easier on yourself by delegating! Look to your membership for assistance- not just board members. In order to "get a grip" on who will be the ones to tap on the shoulder, you have to know your members.

(Did you know that elected officials can be members!!!!!!)

Just as it is difficult to lead if you do not know where you are going, it is also difficult to lead if you do not know whom you are leading! Members break into four areas.

There are those who want to "do something." These are the activists. They simply may have great enthusiasm for a current project and want to share that enthusiasm with the group. They may have a desire to help others and feel they can channel that desire through the League. This group is often the easiest from which to draw officers – it gives them something to "do."

There are those who want to "learn something." and seek broader information so they can understand what they see. Association with others having a similar interest allows them to "test" their understanding in a non-threatening way.

There are those who want to "be part of something." Extroverts who draw personal energy from association with others may use their interest in yet another association. Some people are just natural "joiners." Others may see your group having a good time and want to have one too.

There are those who are merely curious. They may have seen our booth at the Farm Festival. Voter registration may have piqued their interest. They have joined your League to see what it is all about, and they may or may not stay.

You need to address the needs of all of them. Perhaps you cannot address all at the same time, but you must be mindful of their various needs so that one group is not addressed at the expense of another. If you can do so effectively, members will tend to "move up".


What are you doing in the membership area this month?


  • Consider whether or not you want to plan any formal spring recruitment activities.
  • Share pertinent information with the nominating committee about members' interests and talents.
  • Are there any proposals for bylaw changes that will aid in recruiting and/or retaining members?