Leaders have noticed, myself included, when there are activities and action items we need to do but we don’t want to do them for whatever the reason, we seem to always “Yes, But!” to the solution. Our “Yes, Buts” paralyze us. I bet you know these "BUTS" and can even add a few!

Here are some typical scenarios:


We should visit our elected officials BUT_______________________________
We should have a special recognition/fund-raiser event to increase visibility BUT___________
We should have a website that is up to date BUT___________________________
We need to attract more members BUT_________________________________
We need to attract and train new leadership BUT____________________________
I would like our League to participate in the LWVUS National Popular Vote study, BUT______

The reason we ignore the situation is because the solution is too uncomfortable for us. The only bad thing by ignoring the solution is we are continuing the problem. We cannot grow beyond where we are until we are able to move our excuses aside and put action into solving the problem.

The only way we will be successful is if we get past our “Yes, Buts!” and just do what we are so hesitant to do. Success is just a matter of getting our big “Buts” out of the way.

We should share our successful League activities BUT_____________
If you have had a success, share them with us! We need to get off our "BUTS"!