Every fall I try to figure out a way to get people to come to a fall membership get together. The thing is, if you invite people...friends, neighbors, even family... to come to a meeting to get to know about the League of Women Voters, most will be busy.


Last year I thought I'd try something new. People love one member's biscotti. It wasn't hard to convince her to do a demonstration. Every board member invited whomever they wished to join the League for Bagels and Biscotti... with a biscotti making demonstration and recipe! It also was in the Voter, the community bulletin board on local access TV and email. We signed up six new members on the spot and several renewed. It was a big hit. Oh yes, I took a few minutes to"pitch" the League after the demonstration. I did not try to overwhelm them.


I realized that members are involved in so many things other than League. Many are so talented. So.... This fall, we will invite people to:


“Come See the Art in League: ....We’re More than Just Issues”

Join the League of Women Voters of Your Town

Art Show & Sale

Featuring the Talents of Our Members and Friends

Saturday, September 13 10 a.m. –Noon at _____________.

Remember, you can have fun in League too!