Here are some little things that could have big rewards for membership. (For those of you who are part of LWVUS' Membership Recruitment Initiative, these tips will be reminders!)

BUT if you are like me and you need reminders, just one of these tips could spur you on! How many does your League do now?

  • Include a membership message in your e-mail electronic signature. It's easy to add and reaches everyone you e-mail without any effort. You can even add a link to the "Join Us" information on your League’s Web site or on
  • Add the membership message to the bottom of your official League letterhead and stationary. Ask members or potential new members to be involved with an issue study group or other one-time project.
  • Always have a membership brochure with you – and be prepared to ask someone to join.
  • Input your “League story” into the LWVUS Storybank. This will help you to have your most powerful marketing tool – the reason why League is important to you – at the ready to use when talking with potential members.
  • Mingle at the next community event that you attend; don’t just sit with League members. Make a conscious effort to introduce yourself, share what the LWV has meant to you, and what brings you to the event.
  • Designate members to be membership ambassadors or “greeters” at the next League event. Their role will be to make people (new members or potential members) feel welcome.
  • Include a membership message on all visibility tools-- podium signs, banners, flyers, brochures, invitations, etc.
  • Identify small opportunities for members to get involved in without being overwhelmed. For instance, bringing cups and ice to a League event rather than planning the whole thing.
  • Ask members or potential new members to send a message to your elected officials about pending legislation.
  • Have every member invite 3 non-members to your next League activity.
  • Provide "leave behind" informational brochures or post cards at locations with high target demographic or League appeal -- e.g., city or county government offices, neighborhood doctors' office, real estate offices (for new neighbors), faculty lounges at the local elementary, middle, and high schools.
  • Wear League buttons to all events so Leaguers are easily identifiable and can be approached by those who are interested in LWV.
  • Think about the personal gatherings or other groups you belong to (e.g., book clubs, investment groups, issue groups, friends over for dinner) and share stories about the LWV and its value to you and the community.
  • Most of all...have fun!