Do You Strut Your Stuff?

One hallmark of successful Leagues is visibility. Time after time, we have seen that this often the key to success and growth.

Our program is our product; it’s what we offer our members. It’s what attracts others to join…and it’s what we do for our communities.

People are busy, and countless other organizations, worthy causes and leisure activities are competing for their time and attention! That is why packaging and marketing "The League" effectively is so important.

Brainstorm about your current opportunities for visibility. Use this FAB Grid (Fab is for fabulous League!) See if you can kick it up a notch!!!

FAB Grid.





Annual Meeting
90th Anniversary of the League

What advantage does your League have? What is the REAL benefit or result for the member?

I also want to emphasize an item in Thursday's Leader's Update that enable new membership chairs to have confidence in utilizing the LWVUS Membership Database. Betty Taira is delightful as well as extremely patient and helpful. If you have any questions or need additional assistance updating new officer information or changes to your roster, contact Betty at with questions or to schedule a training session.