We are coming into the time of year when we are very visible. Leagues are engaged in summer visibility activities (perhaps a celebration on August 26th for the passage of the 19th amendment, staffing a table at a festival or marching in a parade). They are also planning their educational programming and voter service activities.

Now is a good time to think about our members...the heart of our League.

So, how is your heart?

_____ 1. Are all kinds of members encouraged to hang in there? (Do you counteract the "I'm not smart enough feeling?)

_____ 2. Is your attitude "Let’s try " rather than "it won't work"?

_____ 3. Do your leaders avoid bossing everyone around?

_____ 4. Do you include "new timers" in all the excited, friendly talk going on among the "old timers?” Are your meetings warm and sociable?

_____ 5. Do you have someone responsible at meetings for greeting and introducing guests and new members?

_____6. Do you ask new or more reticent members to take a small task?


A healthy League has many engaged members whose heart holds the same passion as yours. Thank you!