This is the time of year when we are out and about...especially in climates that have snowy mine! Even though "League" may be far from your mind, it is important to take advantage of summer socializing and "sell" the League. Membership recruitment is every member's main contribution for sustaining your League.

The "sale" hinges on you and your communication ability.

  • Keep your messages simple. If you can’t describe why the League of Women Voters is important in a sentence, practice!

The "sale" hinges on your belief and importance in why the League is important in this political environment.
The “sale" hinges on the way a potential member perceives you.
The "sale" hinges on your believability.
The "sale" hinges on your friendliness. The League is not a club!
The "sale" hinges on the potential member's perceived value in joining the League.

  • Communicate the “value” – not “features” – of membership. What does the member personally gain from membership? Instead of communicating, “Through your membership, you get a newsletter, have access to discussion forums, access to the website, etc.” communicate the value to your members. For example, use this communication strategy, “Before I joined the League, I was only one voice, now through my membership in the League, I have been a part of________________in my community. You can be part of this hands-on action or just support our efforts.”
  • And in rare cases, the "sale" also hinges on the cost of membership.
  • Ask for a response!If you don’t ask prospective members to do something, they won’t. Have a call to action. Try and engage prospective members in the process by asking for some sort of response or feedback. You could:
  • Offer a trial newsletter subscription. Ask prospective members to complete a reply card in order to receive the trial subscription.
  • Invite them to a League function and require an RSVP