We just did a coffee/general membership meeting, to welcome new and prospective members, give a brief history of LWV, explain some of the terms used in LWV, updates on some of our committees, and to talk about our plans for the year. It was very successful, and we handed out a glossary of LWV terms, membership forms, rosters (with bylaws, positions, and membership list), and events/meetings calendars, and had at least two in attendance join up. From our sign-up sheets, we had 25 in attendance, including our board members and current members.

One more thing: we had a membership recruitment planning session during the second part of this coffee. One of our members, who took part in our program planning meeting and board meeting, brought everyone up-to-date on how we would get people interested in joining our group. We have cards to hand out to anyone, membership forms available for tabling at meetings (and ours will have a line for how the new member learned about LWVNO), and other opportunities (via radio, the web, etc.) to publicize our events.

Wendy King
President-LWV-New Orleans, LA