Here is an idea that was successfully used last year. A Valentine's Day card was sent as a thank you to members and other potential members and friends of League. I can send the publisher files to you privately since this list cannot handle attachments. Here are the contents: mail back "coupon" and card text.


Here’s my contribution.

Big Heart__________________$500___

Heartfelt __________________$200___

Sweetheart ________________ $100___



Credit Card_________________________________ Exp. Date_______

Signature ___________________________________________________



City__________________________ State_______________ Zip_____________

Here is the text of the card:

Front of card reads only "Thank You"

Left inside:

Towards building a stronger League

Towards deepening community involvement

Towards addressing quality of life concerns

Did you know that February 14th is also the 90th anniversary of the
League of Women Voters?

Right inside:

For All You Do,

Our thanks to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine wishes to you for your help in the past. Now, we are asking
for your continued support so that the

LWV Your League may remain the strongest voice in your town or state
and guardian of democracy!