Fall is the time when many local League members are renewing. In my League about half renew with no reminders. Others, we all know, may need a personal contact. Some may not rejoin for financial reasons...or because they feel they have no time to be involved.



NOTE: Although it is discouraging when members drop from League rosters, your League does not have to be passive. Reach out with tactics listed below to ensure you have done everything possible to keep that person a member.

  1. Analyze turnover by contacting non-renewals to ask why and to see if there are patterns so you can work on this aspect of your membership plan. Find out how long the person had been a member
  2. Personal contact with those whose dues are delinquent is critical. This lets the member know that he/she is valued as well as a chance to learn of their concerns, constraints and feelings about the League. Ask if they would reconsider. Have your local League president write a note or call the lapsed member and ask them to reconsider again and address their concerns. .
  3. Review with treasurer the timing of dues notices and subsequent reminders. Do they need rewording? Enclose a note with the renewal about how pleased you are that the person is a member and that you hope he/she renews.
  4. Even if he/she does not rejoin after being asked three times, be sure to send a “thank you” or a “we’ll miss you” note or email. Sincere follow-up leaves the former member with a good impression of the League and would be more likely to support the organization in some other way.
  5. Revisit your old member lists and who has dropped his/her membership in the past five years. Reconnect with a “we miss you” card or an invitation to an event