Just came from my local League's program planning meeting. (You should check out the program planning webinar posted on our website if you missed it live!)

It is pretty clear that League members have strong opinions. Often it is around the board table when issues become heated. I thought I'd offer a few techniques for working through a confrontation or argument at a board meeting.

  • Uniting: “Why are we discussing this issue? What does it have in common with the agenda item we’re discussing?”
  • Reorienting: “I think we’re getting off the track here. Are we discussing the real issue that is item number 9?”
  • Coaching: “Could you express your ideas less personally?
  • Connecting: “Doesn’t that point connect to what I said earlier?”
  • Exploring: “Can you tell me more about why you feel so strongly about this issue?”
  • Mediating: “What would it take to resolve our differences?”
  • Problem solving: “What are some possible solutions?”
  • Summarizing: “Is this what you mean to say? ...“
  • Visualizing: “Could you give me an example?”

I hope these are useful!