We to look with anticipation for the possibilities in the new year. Stay well and happy. Be open to change!

We have talked about handling difficult board behaviors that grind down a meeting. Here are a few more tips to minimize "bored" boards!


Establish targets and goals. Don’t waste each other’s time: If the person who called the meeting can’t say, “This is what we have to achieve by the end of the hour”, the gathering is not only unnecessary, it’s a waste of time.

Use written reports or emails to convey information – meetings aren’t necessary for this.

Keep the topic as narrow as possible. If the subject can’t be covered in a limited time, (with some exceptions) it is probably too broad.

Avoid repetitiveness. People love to say something more than once.

Focus on solutions, not the problem. (Research shows that, on average, people in meetings make 10 statements about the problem for each statement about how to fix it). Don’t dwell on the past or enshrine the problem with belabored discussion. Spend at least twice as much time creating solutions as explaining a problem’s origins and consequences.

Open up possibilities – and minds with questions, not statements. People simply either agree or disagree with assertions. Questions, because they’re open-ended, invite input. Ask, don’t tell.

Avoid stray talk. Make comments and suggestions that build upon both the overall subject and what’s previously been said. Task specific meetings need sharp focus.

Set a time limit and stick to it. Always adjourn on time, even if that means scheduling a follow-up. Five minutes before adjournment review new tasks assigned during the meeting as well as expectations before the next meeting.

Distribute meeting minutes (including assignments) as soon as possible.

Good ideas are worth repeating! Here a replay from this week's Leaders' Update:

Holiday Visibility Tip
Remember to wear your League button whenever you are out socializing with family and friends during the next several weeks. It can be an interesting conversation starter, and you might just get a new member out of it!

Give the Gift of League
To mark the upcoming holidays or a birthday, or to send best wishes for any occasion, consider giving the gift of League to your friends and loved ones. You can give the gift of membership or a one-time donation in honor of a friend or relative.

Have a wonderful holiday season filled with love and peace.