I just read an article in a magazine that listed 5 steps to get better looking hair. League is never far from my thoughts and somehow these steps seemed appropriate to promote a healthier League as well.

  • Ban breakage.

In the League membership world I would like this statement to how we keep our members happy...that means all our members.... those that want to "do" something, those that want to learn something, those that want to "be a part of something" and those that are merely curious.

You can’t keep members if your League is filled with people who are unhappy (or untalented). There is a human element in League…big surprise. This is as important as finance, membership and marketing.

  • Put a stop to split ends.

In this framework, this speaks to the hopeless attitude of so many leaders. Replace the "woe is me" approach with an approach that shares enthusiasm for all the great developmental opportunities for new leaders. This will strengthen your League’s ability to do great things. Your League can be even more productive if you get playful.

  • Skip daily sudsing.

Don't do it all-- delegate! League stuff shouldn’t consume each day! Give yourself a break.

  • Fend off fly-aways.

Training; it is ongoing, just as it is in the corporate world. If you don't engage many members, they will never be leaders and eventually will leave.

  • Enhance shine.

Celebrate your successes!

If you need resources in any of these areas, check our website or contact me!