How would you rate how well your League 'follows up' and 'stays in touch?' with your members?

How would you rate your League (1 being terrible and 5 being excellent)?

If I asked "why?" most people would answer, "I just don't have the time." or "I don't want to fill up email inboxes".
Well, there's good news and bad news...and then more good news. I think we all do fairly well. There are certainly so many ways to keep in touch...and new ones almost every day!

Many local Leagues now have their newsletters delivered as a PDF attachment or through constant contact of other electronic means which means they are timelier and arrive almost instantly. You know the bad news...the delete button. In addition, there are still members who are slow to rise with the tide of e-engagement. I prefer to read lengthy communications in hard copy not on the screen. I guess that's the bad news. Many local Leagues had a newsletter that was "snail" mailed. We knew it was in people's least from the mailbox to the countertop! It couldn't be deleted. As a matter of fact, probably your renewal rate was down because many members did not receive their renewal notices in their hands. So the bad news is some of us are not doing well at all with email communications.

What to do? What to do

Here are some thoughts...

My local League recently returned to snail mailing our newsletter as well as emailing. You can email the whole copy of your bulletin and/or email snippets occasionally. We tend to digest things better in small pieces. If it is something we want a response to, we need to email separately. Remember postcards?

Do an online survey using a free online. This might be an opportunity to engage some members to go beyond just opening (and deleting) emails.

What ideas do you have to "keep in touch". Please share them with us!