Dear League Leaders,

It's that time of year again. For your League it may be the time to plan for the coming year or look back and see if you met those goals. The LWVUS Convention is the perfect place to get all the help you will need to start a successful League year. There will be a team of "gardeners" to give you tips to TEND YOUR GARDEN TO ACHIEVE A HEALTHY LEAGUE. I hope to see to at some workshops!

  • PRUNE. Make a "get real" decision as to which goals you want to achieve. Clip the others. When too many goals are on your League plate, achievement of them gets bogged down.
  • DIG-IN. Make a commitment to do what it takes to achieve your goals.
  • FERTILIZE.Enlist ( and encourage) the help of others to work with you to get the job done. You must have the support of others in order to achieve League goals.
  • GIVE SUPPORT to growing plants when necessary. It's easy to get it. All you have to do is coach and coax.
  • PROTECT your garden (League) from pests. ( from to the negative influence of other people).
  • WEED a bit at a time. Work on small areas accomplishment that gives your League that great (and consistent) feeling of accomplishment.
  • FIND THE TIME. Don't say you "have no time." If you don't pay attention to your garden, it will not grow.
  • THE SECRET IS IN THE DAILY DOSEof water. Do a little toward tending your garden every day. Plan what it will take to achieve your goal of a beautiful garden. Write down how much (or how little) you must do in order to achieve. THEN DO IT.
  • CELEBRATE! SHOW OFF those beautiful blooms of your League and all you've achieved in the media and your Voter.

See you all soon!