Dear League Leaders,

Just in case you have not looked, there is wonderful new resource on the website, "The ABC's of a Streamlined League". You may not think this resource is about YOUR League but at least take a peek at the appendices. Here is the link for the ABC's of Streamlining.There are lots of helpful ideas. Here is one that talks about events which are probably on your calendar. I know you want to be visible all year. In another membership moment we can highlight some ways to gain more visibility. For now, let's just talk about member (and non-member) cultivation.

If your League is like mine, you have several election season events and the rest of the programs are basically educational. Every chance you have to welcome and thank members and non members is an opportunity. Recognition is so important!

Always take a minute or two to highlight in a personal way the value of membership. Ask someone who has been a member for a while or even a new-ish member to tell their story.

  • You may want to invite members to get involved with the next program or event.
  • Who else can you engage in planning this event?
  • Is there someone who can “shadow” the organizers?
  • Are there some small tasks to engage some potential future leaders?

So you've had a successful event. You are not done yet! AFTER the event:

  • Did you thank League leaders?
  • Did you ask the organizers what else they needed – e.g, training, resources, volunteers?
  • Did you send on the list of attendees to the Nominating Committee?
  • Did you observe an area for training, mentoring or other areas of organizational growth?
  • Are there notes/records in place for the next leader about this event?
  • Did you follow up with anyone that you invited?
  • Did you send an article (with picture) to your local newspaper?