Dear League Leaders,

See of you can catch yourself thinking these thoughts:

Assumption #1: There is a right answer and it is mine.

If you are the best and the one who knows, then you have an answer for every question about things that are important to you. Always being right not only hurts your relationships with your leadership team, your body triggers a ‘fight-response’ when your brain senses disagreement. Can you let some other people be right sometimes too?

Is it a honest dialogue? Have you led a discussion with questions (for which you had the answers) and your board has to guess where you are going?

Assumption #2: No one can do the work as well as I do.

Things will spin out of control or fail if they aren’t done by you. As a result, you take on too many projects and resist sharing your work with others. This leaves you stressed, resentful and exhausted. Look for times you can develop someone else's talents by training and delegating. Prioritizing and letting go are essential to your success.

Assumption #3: I am disappointed, again.

Whether it's a League job or relationship, you start out excited about the possibilities, then you feel let down. This is due to the unreasonable standards you hold which no job or person can meet in the long run. If you don’t tone down these expectations, you will always focus on what is wrong. Try focusing instead on what is possible instead.

Assumption #4: I don't need help.

You are a strong, smart leader so you don't need anyone to help you succeed. You can figure it out on your own. Unfortunately, this assumption is a horrible waste of your precious time. Letting other people help you is more efficient, it builds relationships, and you look stronger as a leader.

I suffer a bit from many of these maladies. But, I am working on it!