Dear League Leaders,

Leagues are always looking for budget conscious ways to get more publicity. Here is a list of free resources Leagues can use as part of their publicity strategy. Some items on this list take a lot of time and effort and some are simple tasks. These tools can increase awareness about your League, while aiding in acquiring new supporters and building relationships. Including these ideas in your publicity plan will help you meet your goals of getting more volunteers and donations.

Twitter, can be used like a public service announcement. It is a micro- blogging platform that allows you to share your League story with a target audience. You tweet about programs your League offers.

  • List events on Yahoo or other online community calendars
  • List events on Facebook, social networking applications are like public services announcements. They allow you to share your League's story. You can invite people to events.
  • Appear as guest on radio and television shows. Volunteer your expertise on a League issue.
  • Use the Web to promote your League. Find out how to do this. (through e-mail signature, articles, websites, and links, etc.)
  • Upload Public Service Announcements to You Tube
  • Submit public service announcements to local television and radio stations. You can pitch ideas too.
  • Tell everyone what you do and how it benefits the community.
  • Share testimonials from people who care about the League through membership, donations or volunteering.
  • Use free classified ads.
  • Place your League's brochures on community bulletin boards
  • List your League on free online directories
  • Having a great elevator speech about your League. This is your 30 second introduction that you can share any where there is an opportunity for networking.
  • Cultivate relationships with media sources
  • Write letters to the editor of print and online publications. This provides you with an opportunity to share about the cause your League supports as well get free publicity for your League.
  • Take advantage of call in radio shows, share your knowledge about your League's activities.