Dear League Leaders,

My greatest example of why you need others to assist you in whatever you do in for League is a League Director I knew. Jenny's initial job was to write the newsletter. As THE membership committee as well (oh my!), she welcomed new members and sent packets out, set up a welcoming/membership table at meetings (she had all the "stuff" in her trunk, and did renewals too). She was so good!

In the middle of the season poor Jenny developed pneumonia and was hospitalized. There was no one else assigned the tasks. While in the hospital, she had to spend several hours on the phone trying to get everything done. It became a nightmare. She was sick and no one else knew how to do what had to be done. She failed to use others as a strength and was a poor leader because everything depended on her. It was clear now that no program should ever be completely dependent on one person.

Don't be like Jenny!

Enlist volunteers by sharing what you do and why with others. You will find there are many members that would like to assist you in a segment of what they enjoy.

You have to communicate effectively and find your volunteers.

A committee is indispensable. Your job is to set goals, determine needs, assign tasks, plan strategies, and enable people to implement those strategies.

You have to become an enabler that can show others how to accomplish your predetermined goals you have preplanned for them.

An example of why committees are so important to the group is added support and ability to accomplish your goals with increased options. A success story from Jenny... after she had learned her lessons and changed her leadership style to maximize her efforts through others, she set up several League committees. Use your past failures to identify how to strengthen your abilities for the future.