Dear League Leaders,

I am a knitter. My mom was a fabulous knitter, but somehow it was not something I cared about so long ago. But, in an effort to bond with my daughter in law a few years ago, we learned to knit in a class. It was fun for both of us because we were doing it together. Courtney decided to knit a baby blanket. Not as optimistic I decided to knit a small purse. Courtney got frustrated because her project was so big and when there was a mistake (dropped stitch) she couldn't fix it by herself, nor could I (as a new knitter). We needed to have someone with us who knew a bit about knitting to help us avoid pitfalls. We should be mindful of some of these lessons in League.

Select what you want to do. Be practical. I carefully calculate the difficulty of a pattern against my interest level and time available for the project. How big is the project? Start simple and small so there are few mistakes and success will come sooner.

  • You want to have the right equipment. (Make sure you have enough people for the job and finances.)
  • How long it will take?
  • How much money will it cost?

Read the pattern. In whatever project I decide to do, I want to make sure I understand the lingo and what's involved. Reading the directions (understanding what I have to do at what time), prepares me for the pitfalls may be. Experienced as I am I just unraveled a hat I was making because I didn't read through the directions and got to a point when I couldn't figure out what to do. In frustration I dropped the project. I suffer, as I think many knitters and Leaguers do, from a certain paralysis that comes from wanting to make the new project perfect as well.

Analyze the results. Making mistakes teaches us understanding and patience. We can always unravel and start again!

Enjoy the accolades! As I think about how eagerly the pieces that all of us knit (League projects) should be received and unconditionally appreciated, I learned as I knit to be less harsh with myself, less demanding and judgmental.

You and I produce this wonderful strong fabric that is woven with many hands and called the League of Women Voters. Pat yourself on the back my friends!